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המחיר המוזל עולה ב-28/2!

מבצע כסף בחזרה הקליקו כאן לפרטים

הנה חלק מהמרצים שידברו השנה

ron rabinovitz

רון רבינוביץ’ איך החדרנו מוצר חדש לשוק האמריקאי באמצעות שימוש ב-Marketing Automation

yehoshua coren

Yehoshua Coren How to Use Google Analytics Like a Pro

jim sterne

Jim Sterne Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Getting Started

yoram lichtenstein

יורם ליכטנשטיין GDPR - על מה המהומה? ולמה זה רלוונטי לכל מי שעוסק בדיגיטל?

benji azaria

בנג’י עזריה Attribution Modeling - איך באמת עושים את זה נכון?

vasiliy sabirov

Vasiliy Sabirov Calculating Life Time Value: specifics, pitfalls and life hacks

Johannes Radig2

Johannes Radig Website Personalization - DIY with Google Tag Manager

Andraz Stalec

Andraz Stalec Machine learning, AI and predictive analytics in e-commerce

kristoffer ewald

Kristoffer Ewald תוכן ההרצאה יפורסם בהמשך

inbal lavi

ענבל לביא

Tal Maizels

טל מיזלס

asaf weiss

אסף וייס הפרופסור שפחד מנתונים: איך לתקשר אנליטיקס ללקוחות שלא כל כך מעוניינים בזה

yam regev

ים רגב

Early Bird Price Increases in:

The All Things DATA Conference - Putting Ideas into Practice!

Just once a year - the World's Leading Data Experts on One Stage

April 26 - Workshops | April 27 - The Big Conference Experts from around the world are coming to Israel to share with you their own experience and best practices: Web Analytics, Mobile Apps, Big Data, Visualization, Personalization, Marketing Automation, Conversion Optimization and many more fascinating topics from the data area

Full Day of Workshops

You can purchase tickets for the workshops / conference day individually, or for both of them. The workshops will drill down in-depth into the various topics, so you will be able to immediately apply what you have learned.

Hands-On Experts

We put great focus on bringing speakers who actually work in the field, and come with a wealth of hands-on experience. Every presentation will give you specific action items that you can bring to your organization for immediate execution.

Network with Industry Leaders

Looking for partnerships?
A new opportunity for a promising career? Potential clients? You'll find
The All Things DATA Conference to be a goldmine networking opportunity.



This is your chance to learn from the best.
Save me a seat

Where is the Conference Going to be?

David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel-Aviv

When & Where

  • April 26, 2017 - Workshops Day
  • #123 Yigal Alon St., Tel Aviv
  • 9:00-13:30

The Big Companies are Coming

Looks like they know what they're doing...

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