Johannes Radig2

Johannes Radig

Head of Growth at Truly

Website Personalization - DIY with Google Tag Manager

Always wanted to try website personalisation, but want to test the waters before investing more time and resources? Or maybe you’re looking for a free solution entirely?

In this talk you will learn, step-by-step, how to personalize your website for free using Google Tag Manager, and how to measure it with Google Analytics or MixPanel:

1. Why it’s important to personalise the website journey for your customers & prospects.

2. 3 specific personalisation examples applicable for any website.

3. How you can use Google Tag Manager to determine your users’ intent and personalise your site accordingly.

4. How to set up controlled experiments & measure the impact in Google Analytics or Mixpanel.

Based in London, Johannes is a growth marketer with over 7 years experience working for PayPal and several start-ups.

He’s also a mentor at the VC ‘500 Startups’ and works as a freelancer to help companies identifying new growth opportunities.

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