vasiliy sabirov

Vasiliy Sabirov

Lead Analyst at devtodev

Calculating Life Time Value: specifics, pitfalls and life hacks

LTV is important for any type of project: SaaS, e-commerce, games, forex/binary and many more.
It can be useful both for a subscription model and miсrotransactions.
Vasiliy Sabirov, the lead analyst at devtodev, will talk about specifics of LTV (CLV) calculation for different business models, and about the differences between possible approaches to calculating this metric.
In this talk you will learn:
– how to calculate LTV (CLV) for a subscription model
– how to calculate LTV for SaaS
– how to calculate LTV for e-commerce projects
– how to calculate LTV for f2p games
– what the differences between possible methods of LTV calculation are, and which method works best in which case

Vasiliy Sabirov has 7 years of experience in analytics (mainly game analytics).

Vasiliy started his career working at a game monetization service. Then he worked as a Lead Analyst at a big MMO game, where he learned specifics of virtual economy. At the moment Vasiliy is the Lead Analyst at devtodev, and he has already helped more than 50 game projects to improve their KPI.

Once Vasiliy figured out how to calculate player LTV during the first session, but then he woke up.

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